What Our Clients Saying

From Nextdoor.com

I saw my neighbor, Janice Rudd, out walking dogs this morning and it occurred to me that many pet owners in the neighborhood might not realize that this gem of a dog lover has a pet sitting/dog walking business called Houston Bark and Call. Janice is a true professional and dogs love her. You can go out of town with 1000% confidence that everything will be taken care of. She's a homeowner herself so she knows to check on things like lights and a/c after a power outage and all of those little things that give you peace of mind when you're gone. She also takes on regular dog walking clients so you don't have to run home midday to walk your dogs/let them out and it gives your sweet friend something to look forward during the long day. Anyway, I think she's wonderful and wanted to pass this on while it was on my mind.--MaryAnn C., Aug. 2017

I highly recommend Janice and her team. We have been using them since April 2017. They have been extremely responsive, responsible, and kind. Rain or shine we get daily updates on how the walk went. We stay in touch regularly and can easily adjust our schedules. We even used Houston Bark and Call over the 4th of July long weekend. We set up a meeting with Janice and one of her employees and felt very comfortable with having someone stay at our home and watch our Miniature Golden Doodle. We much prefer their service over any boarding service we've used in Houston. We have already been referring Houston Bark and Call to our direct neighbors and they too had experience with Janice and her team.--Ed C., Aug. 2017

From Yelp.com (some reviews are currently filtered, so you have to click on the "Read filtered reviews" link)

We have had Janice walking our dogs for the past two weeks now - Just started service. I can't say enough good things so far! Janice is extremely responsible and trustworthy. Our dogs love seeing her for their walks! She is very reliable. I would highly recommend Houston Bark and Call to anyone needing help taking care of their fur-babies.--FW, Dec. 2017

Janice has watched our house and menagerie (two pit bulls and two cats) twice and has done a fantastic job both times. The animals are well taken care of and come running to the door to greet us when we come back. She brings in the mail every day and sends a daily email to update us on how the animals are doing. 

The last time she watched our animals, she really went above and beyond. While we were out of the country, a large branch fell from our tree and took out our electricity, cable internet, and a chunk of the fence we share with our neighbor. We were not accessible by and did not see her email until the next day. In the meantime, she reported the outage to , made three follow-up calls when they didn't have the power back on as soon as they promised, unplugged our electronics to make sure they weren't damaged by power surges, disconnected our thermostat from the wifi, and made sure that the temperature was ok for the animals. Our neighbor who shares our fence came over to discuss what we needed to do, and she spoke with him and let him know that we were out of town and when we would be back. She also communicated with my mother, who lives near us, and kept our dogs from running away through the hole in the fence! 

She also reported that a suspicious car was idling in front of our neighbors' house one evening when she left to take the dogs on a and was in front of our house when she got back. She waited in her car in the driveway until they drove away, and alerted Smith Security. 

I cannot recommend her more highly - we will definitely have Janice come over to watch the pets and house every time we travel. This would have been a disaster if we had cobbled together a few friends to come let the dogs out like we usually do. Instead, by the time we came home the power was back on and our yard guy had already removed the tree!--Jessica Z., Dec. 2016

Janice does a superb job Bark and Call has provided trips to the vet, trips to the dog park, daily walks, care for newborn puppies and new mother, I receive emails after walks letting me know how things are going with my dog and the house. Janice is extremely professional and easy to work with - recommend her highly!--Elizabeth ~ and Molly :) May 2015

Twice we have gone out of town for a long weekend and twice we have been 100% happy with Houston Bark and Call. Susan has stayed at our house both times and we come home to happy dogs. We live near a park and Susan takes the dogs on lots of walks to the park and even ended up giving them an impromptu bath once one of the dogs had a little too much fun in a muddy pile. I was so impressed that they held on to the instructions from the first time we were gone so we did not have to go through the paperwork again. The updates are a nice touch and the house is always just as clean as it was when we left it. Such a great service to pet owners who want their furry friends to stay in the comfort of their own home when out of town!--Kate C., February 2014

Houston Bark and Call is a lifesaver! Janice (the owner) is someone I fully trust with and home. She's always been available when I need to leave town, even on very short notice and over holidays. She's very detail oriented, so she always remembers who needs what. great updates about my boys, which are greatly appreciated. My guys absolutely love her, even my cat who is afraid of his own shadow. The concierge part of the business is invaluable... I left town once forgetting to pick up my cat's special food at the vet, but Janice stepped in and saved the day. She also keeps tabs on my return, prepared to do another visit if my flight is delayed. Knowing that Janice has everything covered is a huge relief and makes travel for business and pleasure go more smoothly. I love not having to deal with the logistics of a boarding facility and my pets are much happier at home. I can't recommend highly enough!--Nancy W., May 2013

Savannah, our dog, has asked us to travel more as she loves her experience with Janice. We recently traveled to New York for a week and got frequent emails about Savannah's day. Janice is reliable, trustworthy, caring......I plan to call her tomorrow about summer and fall vacation needs.--Marylyn J., May 2013

From Facebook

Chester and Leo love their visits from "Aunt J"! Apparently they sit and wait for her now (Chester looks out the window) and can't wait for their walk, after which Chester shows her where his treats are! I'm so happy to have found this service - flexible and dependable. I know my boys are in good hands with Houston Bark and Call!!--Sarah L., Aug. 2012

From their emails

The dogs act like I never left! Thanks for making my life and theirs so much less stressful. You guys are the best! Clare L., owner of a blind boxer and a boxer/Staffordshire Terrier mix, May 2014

Houston Bark and Call my highest recommendation for your pet care needs! Janice Rudd and her team have been caring for Dash and Choppy Jones for several months. HBC is consistently dependable, professional and able to deal with last minute and special requests. Most importantly Janice and her team are providing daily updates on my dogs' care when I travel. Janice is a Rice graduate and the founder and former owner of Scrub-A-Dub Dog Wash (where we first met ten years ago). My dogs love the HBC team and I trust Houston Bark and Call with my pets!--Michele S., Dec. 2013

You did a stellar job and I am so impressed with your "above and beyond"! Taking out the barrels, noticing the flat tire etc. were much appreciated! From the first email, I knew I had nothing to worry about - many, many thanks!--Dee T., July 2013